How To Kill Black Mold Effectively

Nobody wants mold in walls, floor and in their home in general. Homeowners whose homes suffer from mold development either seek home mold remediation service or just clean mold on their own to avoid mold health issues. One of the kinds of mold which can be particularly troublesome is black mold. It can cause respiratory illness and can aggravate conditions like asthma. Learning how to kill black mold effectively is thus needed to ensure that you live in a healthier home environment. For most homes, the service of a professional mold removal specialist is required. Those who are more confident with DIY household mold remediation may consider doing the job themselves. Mold cleaning and removal is a step by step process requiring patience and an investment in some safety equipment. But before going further with the said step by step process, let me show you this video about the danger of toxic black mold or the so-called Stachybotrys:

The first step in removing black mold is to purchase a proper respirator or mask. Be sure to find devices that are specifically rated for black mold. When working with mold removal, it is also a good idea to keep arms and legs covered as much as possible, to prevent the spread of spores. The next step is to remove or alleviate any sources of moisture contributing to the mold, such as a leaky basement, leaky faucet, or leaking water supply lines.

When moisture sources have been removed, it is then necessary to seal off the area with mold from the rest of the home. Plastic sheeting can be taped or stapled in place to provide a barrier. This prevents tiny spores from spreading to the rest of the residential or commercial unit. If the mold is on outside surfaces like walls and floors, a strong detergent and water can be used to wash off as much mold as possible. In many cases, mold growth can be found behind walls. This means walls may need to be removed, so that the mold behind walls can be dealt with. This happened to Fire Station 8 on Hickory Valley Drive when they have been advised to transfer to another station due to uncontrolled mold development. See the actual news report on the following video:

Hardware stores and home improvement stores carry products designed to kill black mold. Bleach will also work but should be used with caution, as it can irritate nasal passages and lungs. All rags and sponges used to clean mold should be thrown in a heavy plastic bag and removed from the area directly to an opening outside the home, if possible. Professionals know the procedures for removing mold properly. In most cases, hiring mold removal specialists is worth the investment, as the job will be done correctly, following standard procedures.


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